Membership & Contacts

Welcome to the San Diego Chapter of IPMA-HR Membership page.  On this page, you will find a link to the “New Membership / Renewal Form for FY 2017/2018” as well as a summary of the benefits of joining your local chapter.  We have a great year of presentations and special member-only events planned for FY 2017/2018. Please take time to network with your fellow chapter members and the Board. We would love to meet you and hear your feedback.



Benefits of IPMA-HR Membership:

  • Discounts to regular monthly lunch programs on a variety of Human Resource and professional development topics.
  • Discounts to “Developing Competencies for HR Success,” a four day training workshop developed by IPMA-HR, followed by a test period for IPMA-CP certification.
  • Job announcements for Human Resources (or related) opportunities.
  • High quality, professional resources and services for public sector Human Resource practitioners.
  • An incubator for leading-edge Human Resource ideas.
  • Networking opportunities – a chance to meet and share with other Human Resource professionals.
  • Enthusiastic members with a commitment to further IPMA-HR’s goals and volunteer within the organization.

Members who join the SDIPMA-HR Chapter will be an Affiliate Member of National IPMA-HR. As an Affiliate Member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • HR Bulletin (delivered via email)
  • Member rate for all IPMA-HR professional development activities
  • Member rate for IPMA-HR Western Region and National Conferences
  • Member rate for the HR Competency Training Program
  • Member rate for monthly webinars

The Affiliate Membership to National IPMA-HR is not optional to our Chapter. The current Chapter cost is $25 per person for any San Diego Chapter member who is not a member of National IPMA-HR. San Diego IPMA-HR Chapter annual membership will be $75 for all members.

Early Bird Discount:  We are once again offering a $10 Early Bird discount to join as a new member or renew your membership by July 30, 2017.   If you take advantage of this opportunity, your annual membership for 2017/2018 will be $65 rather than $75.  Any membership forms received/postmarked on or after 8/1/17 will be $75. You can either mail the completed membership form and payment to the address indicated on the form or bring it to the next IPMA-HR meeting on June 15th.  Please Note: We are unable to process memberships via credit card so please allow for check processing time.

Click here for the “New Membership / Renewal Form for FY 2017/2018” (electronic fill-in format is enabled). See our Meetings page for the remaining luncheon topics for 2017. You can either mail the completed membership form and payment to the address indicated on the form or bring it to the next meeting.

If you have any questions please contact:
Adriana Matsuhiro
Director of Membership, San Diego Chapter of IPMA-HR