About Us

The International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) is a non-profit organization representing the interests of public sector HR professionals.

The following are the purposes and objectives of the San Diego IPMA-HR Chapter:

  • To foster and develop interest in sound public human resources administration;
  • To encourage affirmative programs that guarantee equal employment opportunity to all individuals;
  • To encourage in the field of human resources administration the utilization of the most advanced technologies by (1) providing a structure for developing and promulgating specific human resources administration programs; (2) disseminating information to individual members; and (3) exchanging and coordinating ideas among the various members of the Chapter;
  • To alert the members to relevant pending legislation, developing position papers, where necessary, and reviewing existing laws and regulations affecting their interests;
  • To render a program of services and assistance to human resources organizations in meeting administration and technical problems;
  • To provide a forum for all public human resources professionals; and
  • To provide its members who are either actively engaged or studying in the field of human resources administration with encouragement, assistance and programs designed to provide for their professional growth and development.

IPMA-HR members are key executives, managers, supervisors, and related professionals responsible for a variety of human resources functions for federal, state, and local governments around the United States and the world.

For SDIPMA-HR by-laws, click here